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Ron English

Reflections on "Devotions", One Year Later

I have been gratified with the response to my CD "Devotions" over these past several months, and I have had the chance to take part in increasing performance opportunities. My Jazz trio has been playing a monthly jazz guitar night at Baker's Keyboard Lounge - usually the first Tuesday of the month.  My Psalm 150 Ensemble has served a number of times at downtown Detroit's historic Fort Street Presbyterian Church, and I continue to play services on most other Sundays with the music ministry at my home church, Rosedale Park Baptist Church

There's been a resurgence of interest in this country and in Japan in material we played and recorded back in the 1970's on the Strata label.  Lyman's "Saturday Night Special" is being re-released on CD by the Wax Poetics out of New York, and they also have picked up my never-before-released album, "Fishfeet".  "Fishfeet" should come out late this year or early 2009- watch this space for updates. 

Among the highlights in my current calendar:

The Psalm 150 Ensemble will be performing at  Detroit's Labor Day Jazz Fest, Monday, September 1, 2008, at 12:45 on the Chase Main Stage in Cadillac Square

Ron English Trio hit at Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Tuesday September 2 at 8:00 PM.  Look for the Trio at Baker's on Tuesday October 7 and November 4. (On November 4, stop by Baker's for a soulful dinner with jazz guitar accompaniment- after you vote and before the returns start coming in!)

I'm really looking forward to my quartet gig at the Dirty Dog in Grosse Pointe, Wednesday through Saturday, November 5 through 8. I expect to preview some of the material I'll be recording on my next CD project.
On November 22, I'll be at Cliff Bell's for a reunion gig with Lyman Woodard and Leonard King and an all star horn section. 

Stay tuned to Detroit Radio Company for updates on my next project...


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